3 Serious Legal Errors Dog Bite Victims Often Make

25 May 2022
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An animal attack can cause severe bodily and mental injuries that could take months or years to heal. Dog bites, for example, often cause infections and complications that require long-term medical care. Luckily, you are entitled to compensation after a dog bite accident. Compensation covers your medical expenses and other losses incurred from the incident. However, it's advisable to enlist the services of a personal injury law attorney since the pursuit of compensation isn't always easy. Hiring a legal practitioner helps you evade the following legal errors. 

Failing to Report the Incident

Dog owners understand the consequences of being associated with a dog bite accident. Therefore, the defendant in your case might request that you settle the case without the court's intervention. But it will be no surprise for the defendant to change their offer later if your treatment becomes too expensive for them to handle. 

Because of that, reporting a dog bite accident is advised. Informing the law enforcers about the incident facilitates early investigations. Usually, the police will write a summary of their observations, which your lawyer will use as an essential piece of evidence when filing the lawsuit.

Failing to Get Immediate Medical Care

Failing to get immediate medical care puts you at risk of developing a complicated condition. Even if the bites might not be deep, they may cause infections resulting in life-threatening conditions. For that reason, it is paramount to get a thorough medical examination and treatment of your injuries. Additionally, seeking medical care enables you to acquire a doctor's medical reports. Again, your dog bite lawyer will rely on the doctor's report to substantiate your claim. 

Taking on the Case without Professional Help

You are likely not to recover all the payments you're entitled to if you fail to seek professional legal help. If the dog owner hires a lawyer to defend them in court, the defense might overwhelm you. Besides, the insurance firm could take advantage of your inadequacies in law to offer you a low settlement. For instance, they'll find fault in you and blame you for partly contributing to the accident. 

It's advisable to work with a professional legal representative to ensure the success of your claim. They will provide compelling evidence to prove that you had nothing to do with the accident. Furthermore, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurer, ensuring that you're fairly compensated.

The three errors highlighted above can easily deny you an opportunity to get compensated for your dog bites. You can avoid them by working with a personal injury law attorney. They will handle the claim for you, ensuring that you get justice and fair compensation. 

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