4 Tips For Hiring The Right Workers Compensation Attorney

9 June 2018
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Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance policy that employers are required to have to provide a safety net in the event that an employee is injured while at work. While many workers compensation claims are approved and processed without any issues, there are situations where a claim can be denied by the insurance company, or the employer can make the process difficult for an employee who has been injured. Read More 

When Your Work Brings Repeated Injuries

11 May 2018
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Workers' comp is a great benefit to hurt workers; it allows them time to recuperate before returning to their jobs. Not all work-related accidents and injuries are the result of a single occurrence, however. Some workers experience damage that takes more time to reveal itself. One of these kinds of injuries is repetitive strain injuries. Read on to learn more. The Nature of the Work Some jobs just seem to require the worker to repeat actions over and over, which can set the situation up for a repetitive strain injury. Read More 

Painting The Picture Of Guilt

11 April 2018
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It's one of those things that you might not think too much about until it happens to you. Most people know that being arrested is not nearly the same thing as being found guilty, but you may be surprised to find yourself shamed and your reputation ruined by a for-profit web entity that virtually guarantees that your arrest photos or mugshots will hit the internet. The justice system is built on the credo that you are innocent until proven guilty, but mugshot websites give lie to that perception. Read More 

3 Tips For Building A Stronger Car Accident Case

14 March 2018
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Being in a car collision is sure to be a challenging situation. It can take a lot of time to recover from this predicament, you may have extensive damage, and may need to go to court for compensation. The good news is there are many things you can do that will help strengthen your case in this type of position. Being aware of specific ways to ensure you have the right amount of evidence in place can be helpful to you and could be the key to getting the results you want out of your lawsuit. Read More 

Suing Your Employer For Wrongful Termination

10 February 2018
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Being able to find and keep a job is important when it comes to supporting your family. Employers are required to operate within a strict set of rules designed to prevent them from exploiting workers. If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, then it might be beneficial to seek out the help of an experienced attorney. Suing your employer for wrongful termination can seem daunting, but having the right attorney will help you build a case that will prevent your employer from wrongfully terminating your ability to work in the future. Read More