4 Things That Cause Problems With A Workers Compensation Claim

29 November 2021
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Are you going to file a workers compensation claim with your employer? If so, it helps to know what can cause problems with your claim so that you can avoid them.

Missing Your Doctor Appointment

If you have a scheduled appointment to visit a doctor related to your workers compensation claim, it's very important that you attend the appointment on time and stay on top of your medical care. Not visiting the doctor for a scheduled appointment can be interpreted as your injury not being serious enough to justify receiving workers compensation. This can cause further rights to medical care to be declined, unless you have a good reason as to why you missed a doctor appointment.

Refusing To Disclose Previous Medical History

You will be asked about your previous medical history by your doctor assigned to you under the workers compensation insurance. Even though your previous history may not feel relevant to your injury, it's important that you disclose it to your doctor. The doctor wants to identify if any previous medical problems could have contributed to your injury, and it can be harmful to your case if you are caught lying about a previous injury.

Refusing To Return To Work

At some point, your doctor will clear you to return to work in some sort of capacity, even if it is limited and is not what you were previously doing as part of your job description. For example, you may have been employed in a physical, labor-intensive job in the past, but you are now cleared to return to light desk work. It's important that you follow the instructions given to you by your doctor, even if you can't perform the responsibilities of your job prior to the accident. It is up to your employer to find suitable work for you that is within your capabilities.

Quitting Your Job

It's important that you remain employed by your employer for the duration of your injury if you want to receive workers compensation. As much as you may want to quit your job because of what happened to you, your continued employment is necessary in order to be covered under workers compensation. Your employer will not be allowed to take actions against you that could be considered retaliation for using workers compensation, and your job should remain secure as long as you're willing to work.

Work with a lawyer if you find yourself having complications with your workers compensation case that requires legal assistance. Reach out to a local workers compensation lawyer to learn more.