Handling Your Criminal Charge

7 July 2021
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Being charged with a crime can be a serious experience that can cause anyone to experience considerable stress and anxiety. However, understanding some of the tips and strategies that you should use in these situations can be invaluable information for you as you are looking to avoid the worst consequences for your charge.

Avoid Discussing The Case Against You Until You Have An Attorney

One of the most common mistakes that defendants will make is speaking with the authorities who have arrested them. Anything that you say during these discussions can be used against you in your case. To avoid the risk of potentially compromising your case, you should avoid answering questions or otherwise discussing it until your attorney has arrived to represent you. This is important even when you are innocent or if you feel that the matter is not particularly serious. Those who will be asking you questions will use a variety of techniques and even confusing wording to help trick you into potentially self-incriminating yourself. Having your criminal defense attorney present during the questioning can help to protect your rights.

Always Pay Your Attorney's Invoices

Depending on the length of your criminal proceeding, your attorney may have to provide you with invoices to pay over the course of the trial. Falling behind on these payments can have serious consequences for your case. For example, it can even be possible for your criminal defense attorney to resign from representing you due to a lack of payment. If this were to occur, you would have to seek out a new attorney to represent you, and this could potentially disrupt the proceedings as well as potentially weaken your defense. Luckily, most attorneys will provide plenty of time for individuals to pay the invoices that they have been sent, which can help you avoid falling behind and encountering these problems later.

Avoid Relying Excessively On The Appeal Process

Some individuals may assume that the outcome of their trial is not particularly important due to their ability to appeal. While it is true that you are able to always file an appeal with the higher court, there is no guarantee that the court will agree to hear it. Rather, you will have to be able to demonstrate that there were material errors in the lower court proceeding that impacted the outcome of the trial. Additionally, the court may not rule in your favor, or it may even simply order a new lower trial to be held. Due to these limits, you should always treat your original trial as seriously as possible.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for your criminal defense attorney.