Appreciating the Risks of a Criminal DUI Charge

3 June 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Driving a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants can be a serious mistake for a person to make as it can expose them to a wide range of legal problems. For those who have found themselves charged with this offense, there are some basic factors to keep in mind about defending your rights in these legal matters.

DUII Charges Can Lead To Compounding Legal Issues

Individuals will often fail to consider that a DUII charge can also lead to compounding legal troubles. For example, if a person were to be injured or killed as a result of an accident caused by a driver that is under the influence, there could be additional criminal charges related to these injuries or deaths. Due to this potential risk, individuals that are involved in an accident while under the influence of intoxicants should recognize the legal jeopardy that they may be facing.

A DUII Conviction Can Have Lasting Effects

A DUII conviction can be an issue that causes you problems for many years after. One of the ways that these convictions can have lasting effects is that a person with this on their record may be required to carry special insurance designed for those that are extremely high-risk drivers. This could lead to their insurance costs being substantially higher for years after this incident. This can make it important for a person to aggressively contest these charges when they are facing them. Also, a driver may be at risk of completely losing their license for years, which could make almost every aspect of modern life more difficult or expensive. This can be especially devastating for a person that has a lengthy drive that they have to make for work.

Contesting A DUII Charge Can Be A Complicated Task

Another common issue that individuals may have with these charges is assuming that it will be relatively easy to contest these charges on their own. In reality, any legal proceeding is extremely complicated, and this is particularly true for DUII cases. Often, effective defenses in these cases may often be extremely technical, such as whether the arresting officers followed the correct protocol. The complexity of these cases coupled with the potentially serious consequences of a conviction can make it imperative to hire a DUII attorney to represent you during these proceedings. These professionals will have the knowledge needed to understand the possible defenses that you may be able to use as well as handling the negotiations with the prosecution. For more information, contact a DUII attorney near you.