3 Reasons to Work With a Real Estate Law Firm

25 January 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


Real estate law firms employ dozens or even hundreds of lawyers with real estate specialties ranging from commercial real estate to regular house purchases or sales. They are great for people who need more than one type of real estate lawyer, those that need simple but effective expertise in closing a house sale, or even those that are legally required to have one.

Wide Range of Expertise

One of the best benefits of a legal firm is that they can easily find your lawyers that can handle whatever real estate issue you have, even if it's complex. You will want a law firm if the legal matter at hand involves multiple types of real estate. For example, some people find that they may need to coordinate the sale of a home in one country and the purchase of commercial property in another. At this point, you'll need lawyers that are not only experienced in international real estate law but also those that can sign off on a house closing. A real estate law firm can help navigate the complexities that any real estate law brings.

Focused Expertise

You can also make use of a law firm if you need lawyers you can trust for even the most straightforward of real estate issues. Law firms bring a lot of power to a situation, as they can devote more time and energy to your case. They may have a higher caseload and more clients, but they also have a wider pool of lawyers than an individual lawyer can bring to your aid. As such, they are a great option for those needing to finalize relatively simple real estate issues, such as rezoning an area for residential use, efficiently. You can also use law firms to help finalize the sale or purchase of a home.

Fulfilling Legal Obligations

Finally, many states may require you to have a lawyer to buy or sell a home, or to finalize a mortgage. A real estate law firm can help with this as well, fulfilling your legal obligation for an attorney. Currently, 22 states in the United States that require an attorney to close a real estate deal. The other states only require a real estate agent, but if you live in the states that require a lawyer then you can easily use a law firm to hire a lawyer to review the case. They can sign off on the deal, keeping the agreement legally binding.

If you need a lawyer for anything from complicated real estate agreements to relatively simple house purchases, contact a real estate law firm near you today.