Using A Lawyer Referral Service To Find An Attorney To Hire

8 May 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


Legal referral services can provide individuals with invaluable assistance when they are in the early stages of evaluating their legal options. Unfortunately, accident victims often fail to take advantages of the legal referral service.

How Will You Know What Type Of Attorney To Retain?

One of the main advantages of using a legal referral service is that they will be able to help to direct individuals to the right type of attorney for their needs. It should be noted that these services will not be able to provide legal advice concerning the case, but they will be able to help you understand the type of attorney that represents your type of case.

Will You Only Receive A Single Referral?

Individuals often assume that a referral service will only provide individuals with a single attorney. This can lead to them being hesitant about using these services. However, it is common for these services to provide individuals with several services that meet their criteria. These criteria can vary, but they will use the distance from you, area of practice, experience, and client review scores can all be used in determining the legal services that are referred for your case.

Will You Have To Pay The Referral Service Yourself?

As with other businesses, legal referral services will charge fees. However, individual clients should not typically be worried about these fees as it is the responsibility of the attorney to pay the referral fee. This will enable individuals to utilize these services without having to pay for these additional fees.

What If You Decide You Want To Change Attorneys?

Unfortunately, there can be instances where clients may not be compatible with their attorney. In these situations, those that have used a referral service may be hesitant about leaving their current attorney. However, the fact that you used the referral service will not add to the complexity of retaining a new attorney. You may even find that the referral service will be able to help match you with a different attorney that may be better suited for your situation and needs.

An accident attorney referral service can drastically reduce the stress and complexity of finding an attorney to represent you. Without the use of these services, you may find that it can be difficult to determine the type of attorney that your case requires as well as to sort through the potentially dozens of law firms that may be in your area an overwhelming chore.