Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

31 March 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you have a court date set for civil litigation, you may be wondering whether you can handle the legal proceedings on your own so you can save money or whether you should fork up the cash and hire an attorney. Civil litigations are legal disputes between at least two individuals, companies, or entities. As a general rule, one of the parties is seeking financial restitution or a specific action from the opposing party. Regardless of the exact situation, it is a good idea to rely on the professional expertise of a civil litigation attorney to ensure the best possible outcome. Here are three reasons you should hire a lawyer for your upcoming legal proceedings.

Professional Legal Knowledge

Lawyers are able to provide you with professional guidance from start to finish, from the first sit-down consultation until the conclusion of your legal case—and sometimes even beyond that, if necessary. Attorneys are familiar with local laws and regulations, offering valuable insight and knowledge that you likely are not that familiar with.

Honest Assessment of the Case

An attorney will be able to provide you with a clear, honest assessment of your situation, allowing you to become much more aware of the possible ways that you can pursue your legal case. In the event that you have a solid case, your lawyer will have a strong foundation to help you win if the case goes to trial. Now, if trial isn't an option, an attorney will be able to help you negotiate and settle your legal dispute outside of the courtroom, working to keep legal fees to a minimum.

Unparalleled Courtroom Advantages

In most cases, if you do not have an experienced civil litigation attorney at your side during legal proceedings, you are at a major disadvantage. Due to the fact that court procedures and laws are quite complex, it is difficult for the average person to successfully navigate a civil litigation case. More often than not, both sides will hire legal representation. If you choose to move forward without legal representation, the chance of winning your case is greatly diminished.

If you believe that you have a solid case and are able to win in or out of court, it is in your best interest to seriously weigh the pros and cons of hiring a civil litigation attorney. For more information, schedule a legal consultation with law firm services like McKone & Unruh.