Social Security Disability Tips And Tricks When You're Unsure Of Your Claim

26 October 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


Filing a disability claim may seem like a huge challenge. This will most likely be your first time doing this. This means you'll be unaware of the challenges you're going to face while trying to get your claim to go through. Many people don't even realize that there's a chance their claim will be rejected even if their disability is real.

Some people may also not be sure if their situation qualifies them to make a disability claim. If you're in such a situation, there are a few things you should do when filing your claim.

Get Your Medical Documents in Order

Your medical documents are the only real proof that you suffer from a certain condition. Whether the condition is physical or psychological, you should have the necessary medical documents that will be able to back up your claim.

Before filing your claim, pay a visit to your doctor or specialist and ask them to conduct the necessary examinations and prepare any documents that can shed more light on the condition. This will help to clarify matters to those who'll go through the application.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

Hiring a social security disability lawyer can play an important role in helping you to present your case. An experienced attorney will have assisted many others in a position similar to yours. They can help you to fill in your application as required and prepare adequately for your disability hearing. They can also help you to understand whether or not you're likely to qualify for disability benefits.

Be Clear in Your Application

When explaining your condition in the application, you should be clear about what you're suffering from and how it has affected your ability to work and earn a living. There are many conditions that would be considered for disability, but some applicants fail to give enough detail about how they're suffering. If those reviewing the application can't see how your condition affects your ability to work, your application is likely to get rejected.

Don't Exaggerate

One of the mistakes you might be tempted to make when applying for disability benefits but you're not sure if you'll qualify is to make exaggerate certain aspects of your condition. What may seem like a slight exaggeration could result in your application being promptly rejected especially if what you describe doesn't tally with your medical records. Stick to the truth and expound on it as much as you can.