4 Tips For Hiring The Right Workers Compensation Attorney

9 June 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance policy that employers are required to have to provide a safety net in the event that an employee is injured while at work. While many workers compensation claims are approved and processed without any issues, there are situations where a claim can be denied by the insurance company, or the employer can make the process difficult for an employee who has been injured. In these types of cases, hiring a workers compensation attorney is the best thing a person can do. Use the following tips to hire the right attorney:

Meet With Several Attorneys

Most workers compensation attorneys offer complimentary consultations where a potential client can provide information about their case and ask the attorney questions. If you're planning on hiring a workers compensation attorney, it is in your best interest to schedule consultations with several attorneys in your area. A consultation will give you the opportunity to converse with an attorney, have your questions answered, and determine which attorney you feel most comfortable with.

Look at Reviews

The internet has made it much easier to learn about attorneys and what their past clients think about them. After you have narrowed down the workers compensation attorneys that you are interested in hiring, take the time to see what kind of reviews they have from clients they have worked with. Reviews from past clients can let you know what to expect and give you some insight to the type of outcomes that a workers compensation attorney has had in other cases that he or she has handled.

Consider Experience

While new attorneys can be very successful and talented, it is still a good idea to consider experience when hiring a workers compensation attorney. A law firm with very experienced workers compensation attorneys will most likely be able to win your case and get you the payout that you deserve after you have been injured at work.

Ask If an Attorney Has Handled Similar Cases

Workplace injuries can vary greatly from one place to another. A nurse working in a hospital will most likely not experience the same type of workplace injury as someone who works in a warehouse. Before hiring a workers compensation attorney, always ask if he or she has handled similar cases in the past. Working with an attorney who is very familiar with your type of case will often have better results. 

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