Tips For Burn Victims: How To Properly Seek Justice

21 August 2017
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Are you the victim of a serious burn injury? Someone may have purposely started a fire that left you suffering from third-degree burns. Not only is it physically and emotionally painful to experience such a traumatic event, but you may now have to undergo a series of procedures, such as skin grafting, to help treat the skin and cover areas that were badly damaged. Now that you have gone through such a terrifying experience, you might not know what to do next. Pursuing justice for what you have gone through is the best move to make.

Get Photographic Evidence of the Injuries

It may be difficult for you to stand the thought of capturing these images on film, but it is something you should do if you are planning to seek justice for what you have experienced. Use your smartphone or a digital camera to snap clear photos of the burns. If you have burns on other areas of your body that are difficult to photograph on your own, ask a family member to take the rest of the photos for you. Save these photos onto your computer and a flash drive.

Request Copies of Your Medical Records

It is important to have your own separate copy of medical records. These records would include details about the types of procedures you have undergone as a result of the burn, along with any additional procedures that may be necessary for you to get in the near future. The medical records would include details about the level of damage caused to different areas of your body as a result of the fire that was purposely set by someone else who may already be in custody for arson.

Start a Consultation With a Burn Injury Attorney

Even if the person who started the fire has been arrested for arson, you can still take action of your own for the damages caused by their poor decision. A burn injury attorney would collect information about the problems you have gone through and continue to experience as a result of the fire. The attorney you hire would work on helping you build a strong case against the individual who decided it was a good idea to set fire to a building. Not only did that individual make a horrible decision to do something so selfish, but he or she could have killed a number of people by setting fire to a building. The purpose of hiring an attorney during this time is to make sure the individual is held accountable while working to get some form of compensation because of everything you have endured.

If you are a burn victim, you may have to receive a lot of medical care. Third-degree burns are often serious and deep, causing much damage to the skin. The amount of pain you are going through may be unbearable at times. If you want to make sure the person who inflicted this pain upon you is held responsible, collect your records, take pictures and start talking to an attorney, like one from Salley Law Firm PA, as soon as you have the extra time to do so.