Top 4 Reasons To Avoid A DIY Divorce

31 July 2017
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Most people do not want to go through a divorce, but in some cases a married couple is not well suited to continue their relationship. It is possible for people to handle a divorce on their own without either party hiring a divorce attorney, but it is not recommended. A DIY divorce should be avoided for many reasons, such as:

Emotional Process

A divorce can be a very stressful and emotional process for everyone involved. When you're emotionally vulnerable, you may not be able to think clearly or use your best judgement, which can lead to making bad decisions regarding the terms of your divorce. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced divorce attorney to attend to all of the details of a divorce so you can focus on starting your new life.

No One Protecting Your Interests

When you try to take care of a divorce yourself, there is no one who is looking out for your best interests and ensuring that your rights are protected. If you are not a law professional who clearly understands all of the legal aspects of a divorce, there is a good chance that a DIY divorce can have long-lasting negative repercussions. If you hire a divorce attorney, he or she will keep your best interests in mind through every step of the process.

Animosity Between Parties

While some divorces are amicable, in many cases their can be bad feelings and animosity between a divorcing couple. Trying to come to agreements and file all of the paperwork with a person who you are on bad terms with can be incredibly difficult and may also lead to arguments and more anger. After you hire a divorce attorney, you won't even have to talk to your spouse if you don't want to-- all of the details of the divorce can be communicated through attorneys.


Many people do not realize how complex a divorce can be, especially if a couple has been married for a long time and share many assets or debts. Child custody issues can also be very complicated-- their is a lot more that goes into a custody agreement than just deciding how much time children will spend with each parent. A divorce attorney will be able to review your case and ensure that every single detail of your divorce is taken care of so no mistakes are discovered after the divorce is finalized. 

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