3 Tips To Hire A Bail Bond Agent

10 July 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog


Getting arrested can be one of the most deflating experiences that you will go through, which is why it is necessary that you get out from behind bars as quickly as possible. Depending on the charge, you will be arraigned and the judge will set a bail amount. From here, you will be able to reach out to a bail bond services company that can help you receive your release. To this end, read below and use these tips so that you can make the right decision for you:

#1: Start contacting family members and try to arrange collateral

Once you are able to receive your first phone call, make sure that you call up a family member that can both help you locate a bail bond agent and to begin discussing collateral options. The more help you have with this process, the sooner you can get the ball rolling and get out of jail. This is especially important because there might be a waiting period that comes with the process, depending on where you live. Depending on the bail bond agency that you call, you might also have to fill out an application and go through a specific process.

#2: Contact a bail bond agency that can serve you

It is very important that you reach out to a few different bail bond agencies so that you can receive estimates on their work. They will charge you a percentage upfront and will likely take some form of collateral as well. When looking for a bail bond agent, make sure that they are trustworthy, licensed, and insured. You should also gauge the process and be sure that they are making it as easy as possible for you to get the work that you need from them in a speedy manner.

#3: Shop for the most affordable rate

Now that you are planning to hire a bail bond agent, make sure that they have rates that are affordable. In many situations, the bail bond agent will charge you about 10% of the total value of the bail bond up front, in addition to some fees. Always read through the bail bond agreement thoroughly and don't get caught up in the excitement of getting out of jail without reading the contract.

Start out using these three tips so that you can reach out to a bail bond agency that can help you out.