Mounting A Legal Defense Against Drug-Smuggling Charges

23 December 2020
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If you are found to be in possession of controlled substances without a legal justification, you may find yourself potentially facing fines and jail time. However, certain drug charges are especially likely to lead to criminal charges, such as drug smuggling. However, an experienced criminal defense attorney has several ways that they can craft a defense for your case. Understanding the Drug Smuggling Charge Drug smuggling is different from drug dealing or drug trafficking, in that you must have imported the drugs into the United States. Read More 

Do You Have To Accept An Injury Settlement?

24 November 2020
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When filing an injury claim, reaching a settlement is the ideal scenario. There are, however, some circumstances where it might not be wise to settle right away. Clients are right to wonder whether they have to accept settlement offers. Take a look at what an injury attorney will have to say about accepting a settlement. Must You Settle? In the strictest sense, you don't ever have to accept an offer. However, this doesn't mean you have an unlimited right to push for a lawsuit, trial, and jury judgment. Read More 

Steps to Take When You Get a Denial Notice from the Social Security Disabilities Office

28 October 2020
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Most people apply for SSDI benefits when they have injuries and disabilities that have incapacitated them. And they are no longer able to work productively and support themselves or their families. Therefore, when you make an application, and the help is denied, life can become very complicated. However, few people realize that most of the times, the denial is not a reflection of the illegitimacy of their claim. In most cases, it is small and avoidable mistakes people make when filling the forms that lead to denials. Read More 

Already Hurt? What To Know About Workers’ Comp And Preexisting Conditions

29 September 2020
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Employers provide most workers with an insurance plan to cover work-related injuries and illnesses. While most people are successful with their claims and get the benefits they need, some hurt workers are turned down for various reasons. One common denial issue is claims of preexisting conditions. Read on and learn more about this issue and how to get the benefits you need and deserve. What is a Preexisting Condition? It's safe to safe to say that almost everyone has preexisting conditions. Read More 

The Estate Executor’s Handbook: Top Highlights About Grant Of Probate

27 August 2020
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As the designated executor of an estate, it falls on you to pay the deceased's outstanding debts, collect assets and distribute them to those named in the will as beneficiaries. The guidance of a wills lawyer can be especially invaluable as you look to carry out these responsibilities. A grant of probate officially recognizes you as the executor and recognizes the validity of a will, which is a crucial part of estate planning. Read More