What Should You Do If You Actually Slip And Fall In A Grocery Store?

8 December 2016
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People often joke about suing the grocery store after they slip and fall on a wet floor. But this joke is only funny until it happens to you. When you're sitting in the grocery store with a broken bone or another serious injury, you realize just how much you really do deserve to be compensated for your injuries. While you may indeed have a good case against the grocery store, collecting evidence to support your case is up to you. Read More 

Have A Pre-Existing Condition? What You Need To Know About Workers Comp

5 August 2016
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Workplace injuries are stressful. You're coping with the pain and limitations of the injuries and you're unable to work, so you would hope that the process of getting compensation and getting your medical bills paid by workers comp would be a simple one. Many times it is simple, but if you had a pre-existing condition before your workplace injury occurred, you could face additional hurdles. Take a look at a few things you should know about claiming workers compensation when you have a pre-existing condition. Read More 

Got A Teenage Driver? Ways To Track Their Activity And Reduce The Risk Of Them Being In An Automobile Accident

9 June 2016
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The risk of a teenager aged 16 to 19 being in a car accident is higher than any other age group. There are many factors that account for this, including inexperience and wanting to show off for their friends. As the parent of a teenage driver, you want to do everything in your control to prevent them from being in an automobile accident. An accident can injure or kill your teenager, or expose you to potential lawsuits if your teen causes the accident and the car or insurance policy is in your name. Read More 

Charged With Sale Or Possession Of Marijuana In Alabama? What Should You Know About Your Tax Obligations?

1 June 2016
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If you're an Alabama resident who has recently been arrested and charged with the possession or intent to distribute marijuana, you may be concerned about your ability to defend yourself in a state that boasts some of the country's harshest drug laws. Adding insult to injury, if you're convicted of a drug-related crime and haven't yet had the chance to purchase tax stamps for your haul prior to your arrest, you could even be prosecuted for tax evasion for failure to pay tax on a drug that's illegal under state law. Read More 

Concert Injuries: 4 Types Of Cases Where The Performers May Be Held Liable

10 May 2016
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Attending a live concert is a thrilling experience where you can enjoy music, performances, and stage shows put on by your favorite artists. When purchasing a ticket for a concert, you never expect to leave the venue with an injury, but in some unfortunate cases this can happen. If you have been injured at a concert, you may try and seek out compensation for both physical and emotional injuries. When this is the case, it is often hard to know what parties should be liable for the damages. Read More