4 Injuries & Damages You Can Go To Court For

29 September 2014
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Serious injuries can literally happen anywhere. Whether you feel like they are just bad luck or unfortunate mistakes, there is usually a party that is responsible for those damages.

Instead of just counting your losses or dealing with problems on your own, you can try to seek compensation through personal injury attorneys. Legal advice and help can determine if your case is worth pursuing in court. The following four injuries are actually pretty common and a legitimate reason that injury attorneys seek compensation for their clients.

Weather-Related Car Accidents

Severe weather makes any outdoor activity or action, like driving, a little more dangerous. Even when taking the proper precautions, an incident can lead to personal injuries. There are a variety of weather-related car incidents that you should seek the advice of injury attorneys for.

  • Car Accidents: Car crashes on a snowy road may seem like just a part of winter driving, but there are many ways that another party can be at fault. If another driver does not properly prepare for winter driving, their irresponsibility may put them at fault. This includes not converting to winter tires or using a faulty defroster.
  • Improperly Plowed Roads: Roads that are not properly cleaned or plowed could end up being the fault of your local city or state. For example, if a plow driver leaves large chunks of snow on the road, then this is creating a dangerous hazard for you to commute on.

Slip & Fall Accidents

One of the more classic examples of a personal injury case is a slip and fall accident. While media and pop culture has given the stigma of these injuries as frivolous lawsuits, there is actually a lot of real damage that can occur.

When you slip and fall, a lawyer will look over all of the circumstances of the case. One of the biggest considerations is neglect based upon the property or business owners. For example, if there is a broken part of a floor or a torn rug that has not been repaired, the business owner is responsible for the neglect and injuries caused to a victim.

There are also some limitations for cases. The laws vary by state, but there usually is a cap or limitations for slip and fall accidents that occur on the exterior of a business. While it's important for owners to clear out snow and debris, there is some reasoning that any exterior area will naturally be more dangerous during bad weather.

Tree Branches

Trees are a living thing and property owners need to be aware and responsible of the possible hazards that they can cause. When tree branches and large limbs hang over roads, sidewalks, or trails, the property owner is assuming all risk for any potential injuries or damage.

If a tree branch goes through your car windshield, it's important to file a claim with your insurance company, but you should not accept a settlement until you've had legal advice. A lawyer may seek the compensation from the property owner of the tree. The main cause for this damage is usually neglect, and the property owner should have to pay for any automobile damages and personal injuries that occur.

Child-Based Injuries

No one likes to see their child injured or personally attacked. There are two types of unique cases that a lawyer can help parents with. Through these cases, the parent will help represent the child and seek proper compensation for the injuries.

  • Sledding Injuries: Sledding can cause dangerous and devastating injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord problems, and possible brain damage. One of the main factors in a case like this is the actions of the child.
  • For example, if a child was following proper safety and precaution, then the property owner could be liable. This is especially true if the owner gave the child permission to sled on the property. If the child went on sledding property without permission, the logistics of the case could be limited.
  • Cyberbullying: One of the newest forms of personal injury is through cyberbullying. The actions of a lawyer in these cases are not directly for compensation, but are related to helping children and teens get help. Lawyers have power to file harassment claims and full court cases if any physical harm like suicide attempts occurred because of the bullying.

Personal injury attorneys often offer a free consultation to determine whether it's worth it to move forward with any type of case. Contact a local office for more information and appointment scheduling.