Three Reasons That You Shouldn’t Try To Take A Drug Charge For Your Teenager

16 January 2019
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As a parent, one of your chief mandates is to protect your children, and this extends even when they're old enough to fend for themselves. If you've learned that your teenager is involved in drugs, you should be making repeated efforts to help him or her with this habit — for example, by arranging a bed in a local in-patient treatment center. Your teen's involvement in the drug would could lead to run-ins with the law, and if your teen is facing a drug charge, your first instinct might be to try to help. Read More 

Things To Consider When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney

10 December 2018
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While it can be uncomfortable to have to think about your own death, estate planning in life is an essential way to protect your family and ensure that your assets are protected and properly distributed as well. The best way to ensure that this happens is by working with an estate planning attorney to draw up the proper documents and create a plan that is beneficial for you and your heirs. Read More 

Social Security Disability Tips And Tricks When You’re Unsure Of Your Claim

26 October 2018
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Filing a disability claim may seem like a huge challenge. This will most likely be your first time doing this. This means you'll be unaware of the challenges you're going to face while trying to get your claim to go through. Many people don't even realize that there's a chance their claim will be rejected even if their disability is real. Some people may also not be sure if their situation qualifies them to make a disability claim. Read More 

Prepping For Your Independent Medical Exam

24 September 2018
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Workers' compensation insurance provides those who are hurt on the job with great benefits. Unfortunately, the time may come when problems arise with those great benefits. To understand why this happens, it might be helpful to understand that the insurance company is losing money when they have to pay for your medical expenses and the partial wage you are earning while out of work. That can mean you'll run into issues like: Read More 

Speak Spanish? Why You Should Choose A Spanish-Speaking Car Accident Lawyer

13 July 2018
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If you are a Spanish-speaking individual and if you have been involved in a vehicle accident, then you could be hoping to find representation after your accident. If this is the case, then you could be wondering what you should be looking for in an attorney. For many Spanish-speaking individuals, finding a lawyer who also speaks Spanish can be a good idea. These are a couple of reasons why. Ensure You Understand Everything That's Going On Read More