Long-Term Disability Denial Basics: What You Can Do About It

11 July 2019
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When you have been injured and will be out of work for an extended period of time due to your injuries, you may have opted to apply for disability benefits through your insurer. Most long-term disability policies will provide benefits after a short-term disability period expires and will pay a percentage of your previous income. However, there are some situations where your disability claim may be denied. Here are a few such situations and what you can do about them. Read More 

Facing Shoplifting Charges

3 June 2019
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Shoplifting is a common crime, and many people get away with it each day. Shoplifting is one cause for increased prices in stores, so this is an issue that impacts everybody. If you are caught shoplifting, you could face high penalties, including doing time in jail and paying monetary fines. In some cases, the individual charged with shoplifting could also face civil fines associated with stolen merchandise. If you are facing shoplifting charges, you may have a lot of questions. Read More 

Using A Lawyer Referral Service To Find An Attorney To Hire

8 May 2019
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Legal referral services can provide individuals with invaluable assistance when they are in the early stages of evaluating their legal options. Unfortunately, accident victims often fail to take advantages of the legal referral service. How Will You Know What Type Of Attorney To Retain? One of the main advantages of using a legal referral service is that they will be able to help to direct individuals to the right type of attorney for their needs. Read More 

Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

31 March 2019
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If you have a court date set for civil litigation, you may be wondering whether you can handle the legal proceedings on your own so you can save money or whether you should fork up the cash and hire an attorney. Civil litigations are legal disputes between at least two individuals, companies, or entities. As a general rule, one of the parties is seeking financial restitution or a specific action from the opposing party. Read More 

4 Child Custody Tips For Nursing Mothers

26 February 2019
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Custody disputes are difficult for everyone no matter what the age of the child in question. But in cases where the child involved is still young enough to breastfeed, it can be particularly difficult to come up with a custody and visitation arrangement that makes everyone happy. How can you share custody of a child that only you can feed? Are there any legal protections for nursing mothers in custody law? Read More