3 Challenges Men Face With Divorce

18 December 2015
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Divorce affects everyone involved, including the children of the couple, but divorce has slightly different challenges for men versus women. If you are a man and are just starting a divorce, you may want to learn more about the potential challenges you will face during and after your divorce. Having a good lawyer may help you with some of these, but other challenges may require seeking other types of help. Here are three challenges you may encounter as you prepare for this event in your life. Read More 

Want To Sell Alcohol At Your Business? The Basics Of Obtaining A Liquor License

7 December 2015
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The production and sale of alcohol is highly regulated in the U.S. If you want to begin offering alcohol to customers, it is imperative that you follow local and state rules in order to avoid getting your business shut down. Even if you run a tiny food truck for just a few hours per day and offer cans of beer to customers, if you do not have a liquor license, you are breaking the law. Read More 

Tips To Keep Your Linoleum Floor From Causing Slip And Fall Accidents In Your Store

29 October 2015
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If you own a small grocery store or convenience store, then you likely have dozens of customers entering your establishment on a daily basis. As a business owner, you have a duty of care to make sure that all patrons are safe as long as they are on your property. This means making sure that parking lots are well lit in the evening and taking care of any broken shelves that may fall on someone. Read More 

Sneaky Tactics Unethical Insurance Adjusters Use To Sabotage Your Claim

5 October 2015
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To be clear, most insurance adjusters perform their jobs impeccably and treat claimants fairly and professionally. However, an adjuster's primary goal is to protect the interests of the insurance company, and some unethical adjusters will use unscrupulous tactics to sabotage accident victim's claims so they don't have to pay them. Here are three sneaky tactics you should look out for and how you can protect yourself from them. Unnecessary Stalling Read More 

The Compassionate Allowance List And What It May Mean To You

8 September 2015
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If you have been diagnosed with certain serious or fatal diseases, you may need Social Security Disability to help you pay your bills while you are receiving medical care. But as you probably already know, being approved for disability can often take an extended period of time. Fortunately, Social Security has a list of conditions that qualify for the compassionate allowance program. If your condition is on the list, you may be able to begin receiving a check sooner versus later since a decision is often made in a matter of a couple weeks versus a few months; but there are still some qualifications you must meet. Read More